Day 8, nearly there.

Andy and I have just arrived at the partyvan for the night. Spike and Carey have food on the go, it’s not raining, the view’s pretty immense and we have a short ride to Chamonix in the morning. So all is good.


If you’d have asked us earlier today, however, we would have said all was NOT good! It’s been a tough day. The hottest yet, and the most hilly. We still managed to ride just over 120 miles though. We had a few mishaps along the way. My rear wheel had a spoke snap (3rd of the trip so far) and Andy had a slow puncture for the last 15 ish miles which we just kept pumping up every now and again. Spike has leant me his back wheel for the rest of the trip and we will have to pop a new tube in Andy’s wheel. So we should be good for tomorrow.
Only about 100km to go til Chamonix and the end of our ride! No doubt our knees and arses will thank us!




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One Response to Day 8, nearly there.

  1. Jill says:

    Keep up the good work boys, you’re doing fab. Good luck with the climb xxx

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