Got to Chamonix

So… We’re here in Chamomix! 8 days, 15hrs and 7mins after leaving the cloudy summit of Ben Nevis!!! Seems odd that we managed to get here and we don’t have anywhere to ride for a while.

To summarise:
We managed to ride a total of 1248 miles (2008.5 km) with only 3 punctures, 3 broken spokes, 1 wheel replacement, 1 illegal sleep in a rugby stadium and two requests to use a different road by the same french dude.

We rode through Glen Coe, along a scabby canal in Glasgow and slept in Lockerbie train station, all accompanied by Mac in the party van. Then we cycled through Gretna Green, visited the Tan Hill pub and got taken along some lovely cycle paths in York now without the van. We stayed with Howard and Nat and had lovely food in York, rode down to Newport Pagnell via a bike shop in Grantham (spokes) and a chemist (pain killers), finishing in the dark without any lights (they were in the van) eek! My auntie and uncle put us up for the night which was lovely and then we rode to Dover via the smoggy city of London meeting Spike, Carey and the party van on the way.

Took a late ferry to Calais, kipped in the Calais stadium carpark, set off around half 10 for a lazy 100 mile day down the coast. Excited to be in France we rode in a big circle for 4 miles somehow finding ourself back at the stadium. Oops. Had a dip in the sea at Berck to make up for it then rode on to a pretty spot near Amiens. A troop of French coppers bobbed there heads in at 2 in the morning, had a gander at our passports and moved on leaving us a bit twitchy. We were up at 5 and headed South where we decided to avoid Paris because London had slowed us down dramatically. We had a picturesque stay in Roy’s field near Troy and then at 5am we got up and set off for Dijon where due to us arriving late and a lack of suitable options we spent the night in a rugby stadium. From there we cycled through increasingly hilly lands until we arrived at a viewing spot on a road not far from Geneva. Following that we had a lazy 65mile jaunt up to Chamomix passing some spectacular scenery along the way. I did manage to headbutt a toyota yaris by doing a crazy stoppy manual / bunnyhop frontflip type manuver. We’ve had 33 degree heat some epic hill climbs and some unbelievably long straight roads that seem to go on for ever and ever.

Once we arrived in Chamomix we jumped in the river and washed in the glacial melt waters which felt amazing! Both Jack and I have been growing what we are affectionately discribing as barnicles so we are thrilled to not have to wear cycle shorts anymore.

The mountain forecast is looking a little dubious but should be ok for a valley start tomorrow. We’re hoping to swing by the guides office in the morning and then set off to finish the challenge. Fingers crossed for good conditions.

We’ll let you all know how we get on.

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One Response to Got to Chamonix

  1. Hannah says:

    Good work boys! Über proud of you both xxx

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