The story of the partyvan

Me and carey started our side of the trip off by deciding to get round to krissies really early on thursday morning and pick jacks van up. Instead we settled on a negotiated nine oclock. But soon a bit of a catasrophe struck as we discovered that the van wasnt insured. And we couldnt get insured. So all of a sudden it seemed that everything was off. Luckily we found a website that would do the deed for a high premium with no questions asked. After much ado we finally aet off four hours later. I reckon that four hours of hardship it took ringing round and emailing was much more laborious that sitting on a seat and moving your legs for eight days in a row like andy and jack were doing the slackers! We finally met up with the cyclers about 30 miles north of dover. What a sight they were. Both blackened faces with panda eyes where their glasses had been and mega sunburn patches.

The ferry journey passed with a lot of snoring and dribbling onto a pillow by andy whilst jack was surprisingly hyperactive to say he’d just done 600ish miles.

As we landed in france me and carey settles into our tough regime of drive/shop/eat/feed/sunbathe/sleep/drive/sleep etc. Altogether a really tiring experience!
We would meet up with the boys every 50 ish miles and feed them and basically played krissies role (tidied up after andy constantly!)

Together they devoured about a tonne of brioche bagettes and patiserie treats whilst me and carey struggled on our gruelling adventure. I know the boys had a hard time but they didnt get woken up by armed police and a huge german pointer licking us in our faces at three am!

Anyway ramble over apparently no-one will read tgis accoring to andy so i will sign out and leave this to the proffesionals.

Tomrrow we ascend…


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One Response to The story of the partyvan

  1. Rob Sandercock says:

    Thanks for the post, nice to get an idea of what goes on behind the cycling. Bon effort lads

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