Day 7 am

The boys hard at work at half 6 this morning as me and Jack left for a cycle.




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Day 6

Just had an awesome meal of fried potatoes with maccaroni, baked beans a bit of cheese and some merguez sausages and a bit of french bread. Super tired today. We decided not to go through Paris so we have ended up somewhere not too far from Troyes.

140 miles of relentless rolling hills in baking heat into a head wind has almost done us in. We have been eating well and hopefully with a good sleep tomorrow will be easier and we’ll cover a few more miles. Only around 350 to go which is a relief as there is now 890miles behind us. Fingers crossed for a still day or helpful wind direction tomorrow.




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Day 5

We’re in france 760 miles from the ben nevis car park 5 days after setting off from the summit.

It’s been extremely tiring and we’ve only just been managing to complete each day. Fortunately we get to feel smug everytime we see another cyclist knowing it’s unlikely they’ve travelled quite as far us.

Some planning would have been helpful really as we’ve had a couple of incidents that have nearly stopped us. We got lost on glasgow on day 2 and then having followed the shortest route google can offer we visited the tan hill pub which is a tough ride on it’s own i’d imagine. Then on day 4 when our support van was due to rejoin us we discovered spike the driver wasn’t insured and couldn’t get insured for less than £200 oops! Sorry Krissy x

Today we chilled out and set off bimbling at about 11. It was super hot and we just enjoyed heading south on the lovely french roads which are much better for the bottom. Just about to enjoy some tea after a gentle 100miles. We even managed to swim in the sea a little bit.

Big thanks to all the people we couldn’t have coped without. Mac for driving Scotland, Howard and Nat for putting us up and feeding us in York, my Aunty and Uncle Usula and Graham for doing the same in Milton Keynes and to Krissy for sorting things at home. I’d thank spike and carey but they’re have the best time of their lives so they’ll just have to wait.

Not far to Chamomix, Paris tomorrow. Struggling to put pictures on. I’ll try n blog soon. My food is going cold.
Andy 🙂

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In France

We have been struggling to find the time to blog as we have been cycling for sooo long each day. The only time we have left we eat and sleep! Andy is currently fixing a puncture so I have a bit of spare time.
We are currently just south of Abbeville about to meet the van for the night.
Our knees and arses are totally destroyed but we are soldiering on!
Will probably be able to update later as we are not far off our destination.


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Halfway through day one

We are in Dumbarton now just having a quick pasta fuelling session. We got down from Ben Nevis just before 2am. Have been riding since then. A quick stop for breakfast at the Green Welly stop in Tyndrum at around 9am.
93 miles ridden so far 90 ish to go.


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Off we go

We are about half an hour away from Fort William and will have to head straight up to the top of Ben Nevis. The weather has slowed our journey up here a lot! Lots and lots of rain. The forecast isn’t great but the wind will be with us when we set off riding in a few hours.


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